Join us and film amazing bird flight behavior in the Bay Area with our high-speed cameras. | Credit: NASA

Broader Impact Lentink Lab

High Speed Camera Outreach

The Lentink Lab has 8 high speed cameras dedicated for outreach in the Bay Area! These cameras are capable of filming up to 960 fps, enabling students to capture animal behavior and other scientific phenomena that are normally too fast to see with the naked eye. Through our loan program, local middle and high school teachers can borrow these cameras for free to use in their classrooms. 

Interested in bringing these to your classroom? Contact!

Some examples of high speed footage taken by students are shown in the following video:  

Our cameras are stored inside large hard shell cases that each contain 4 cameras, so we typically loan the cameras out 1 case at a time. Each case also contains a set of spare batteries, chargers, and camera bags for each camera. Pick up and drop off of the cameras happens on Stanford's campus, and the loan period is typically 1-2 weeks (but this is flexible depending on camera availability). The main requirement for a loan is that the cameras are kept in a locked cabinet or room when not in use.

Hear David's perspective on our outreach program: