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Flight Artists

David Mosher at WIRED wrote: High-Speed animal flight videos show hidden aerial world. With good lighting and a little luck, amateur videographers can use high-speed cameras to transform blurred flight into breathtaking glimpses of animal behavior. In that spirit, a Dutch program called Vilegkunstenaars, or Flight Artists, sent high-speed video tools to amateurs around the world. The challenge: Capture nature in flight. Over the course of a year, the contest drew 460 amateurs who uploaded more than 2,400 slow-motion video clips shot with their complimentary cameras. 

At the University of Groningen, I am searching for funding to continue the outreach project “Flight Artists”, which I organized at Stanford University for Bay Area Middle School teachers after moving the project from Wageningen University in The Netherlands, where my team won the Dutch Academic Year Prize 2010 with this outreach project.


Society funds our research and projects through support of several agencies and organizations. The funding enables (1) a better understanding of biological flight, (2) the invention of new measurement technologies, (3) the development of innovative flying robots, (4) outreach through citizen science, and (5) a broader awareness of the bio-diversity in our backyard.