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Credit: Chris 73

Science & Science Robotics cover paper

We reported our discovery of ‘directional Velcro’ between the flight feathers of a wide range of birds in Science & the first biohybrid morphing aerial robot–PigeonBot–with real feathers on the cover of Science Robotics. Our research suggests that birds can steer with their fingers alone and shows what makes the feathers of silent hunters like the owl so quiet. The research started with Amanda Stowers (1st PhD thesis Lentink lab) who collaborated with Laura Matloff (1st author Science paper) and Eric Chang (1st author Science Robotics cover paper) to develop PigeonBot inspired by our comparative biomechanics research. The research could not have succeeded without our collaborator Teresa Feo at the Smithsonian and several other students in the lab (Lindsie Jeffries & Cole Thomson). This milestone represents the culmination of our multidisciplinary team effort over many years.