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Credit: Chris 73

Laura Matloff wins best student paper!

Congrats to Laura Matloff for winning the best student paper talk in Comparative Biomechanics at SICB 2019! In her excellent and compelling talk Laura showed “how feathers of a bird stick together” during flight. In her collaborative study she integrated aerial robotics, our wind tunnel and turbulence generator, high-resolution motion capture, 6-axis force sensing, x-ray microscopy, SEM, beamline tomography and more to find a definitive answer how the functional morphology of birds enables them to morph their wings in ways no aircraft can. After four years of compelling competitors from our lab starting with Amanda Stowers in 2016, then Diana Chin (Honorable mention 2017) and Rivers Ingersoll (Honorable mention 2018) the entire lab is extremely proud of Laura’s 2019 winning entry! Well done Laura! We also had three awesome dinners with a large number of other labs, including a surprisingly large number of engineers this time around! Thanks for participating everyone, we had a blast meeting you all at SICB 2019!